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Cipher Auto, Inc. is offering its new line of Universal Racing Seats & Custom Seat Brackets. This new line of racing seats offer great comfort while giving you sensible style without being too gaudy. We at Cipher Auto, Inc. realize the negative direction the tuner market has gone and have done our best to produce clean and minimalist designs for our racing seats. With sensible style and a memory foam cushion for comfort, our universal racing seats are like no other. We at Cipher Auto understand the needs and wants of the current automotive parts market and we seek to best serve you, the customer.

Cipher Auto as a company is a relative new-comer to the long standing automotive and tuner market, but our founding members, our employees, and our factories all have years of experience each on our side. With 10+ years of mixed experience within and all over the automotive industry, we recognize the direction of the industry and we do our best to innovate and produce products that people will actually want. We have taken all our experience and effort and put it into making clean and tasteful racing seats. We pay extra attention to the details by using specific colored combination stitching with different types of seat material, inspired by the JDM market. Our racing seats are also inspired by other premium brands. The end result is a racing seat that will not disappoint.

Even with great style and comfort, you may be asking yourself “why should I buy racing seats?” Well simply put, aftermarket racing seats offer many perks that OEM car seats cannot offer. They give you ability to show your individuality through custom choices of colors, stitching, material, and design. Why be like the rest? They also weigh less and offer more support in the necessary areas, both of which are good for performance and tuner vehicles. With all these great perks you may be ready to purchase racing seats, but you may still be wondering “why should I buy Cipher Auto racing seats”

Due to the current economy many car parts companies have failed and are nowhere to be found. We at Cipher Auto have spent countless hours maximizing every dollar we make, while producing excellent products and quality service so we are here to stay. We also are the direct manufacturer of our own line of racing seats so there is no middle man to deal with and we are not another company rebranding local goods from other vendors. We do our best to stock products YOU the consumer want.

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