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SEMA 2012!!

Last week was the insane automotive event called S.E.M.A, a gathering of everything car related, all the companies in the car industry and everyone looking for the next big thing in car culture. Most companies go to show off their product and hope it is well received by the public. Many companies also come from around the world to buy products they can sell to their customers. All in all it is a ridiculous assault of the gear head senses on every level. So here is our humble attempt at bringing all the SEMA insanity to you, hope you enjoy!

The Fatlace/Falken GTR is pretty much the first thing you see when I walked into the massive hall, which you later find out is only one of 3 huge areas full of cars and products.

There was also this Lotus F1 car with two different sets of complicated wheels, the steering kind and the light weight O.Z. kind.

The Hancook booth was full of great stuff from race prepped cars to futuristic tire concepts and their models were not too shabby either.

The Lexani booth was quite a sight…..with some HUGE um colored tractor wheels or something….

…but they made up with it by fitting some nice ones on this 458

Back at the Cipher Auto booth our girl Tanya Rouse was holding down the fort

not only was she making the Cipher Auto booth look good, she was also in high demand with the fans and promoting Ciphers products as well, what else can you ask for?

Outside even though it was night there was plenty of lighting to make sure you didn’t miss a thing, like this group of RK Concept bikes, these things were ridiculous in every way!

Before going to bed remember to charge your cell phone and your exotic luxury car..

This oldschool bug was a fresh new take on a very old concept, extremely well done if I do say so.

It was also interesting to see dissimilar parts of the car culture building completely different cars with the same idea like this murdered out duo…

the thunder chickens…

…these two lowly entries

the Gulf Bronco and GT40..

but none were so far apart to begin with and ended up so close at the end than these two, proof that Mustang and Camaro guys aren’t so different after all, can’t we all just get along?!?!

Even though there were plenty of hot rods I have to admit there seemed to be a shortage of rat rods which was surprising since they seem to be quite popular recently. This fine example was pretty close to the idea though, very well done both inside and out.

Among all the crazy things going on was this open wheel race car…..hanging from the ceiling, seriously though, who wouldn’t want this in their home?

included in the crazy section were these two motors, gold plated or jewel encrusted? Anything you want at SEMA

there were also a few battles brewing, that of good and evil at the Kia/Justice League booth..

..heaven and hell also had a go at it

there were definite highs and lows…

and among all the insane hot rods was this beauty, old school in spirit but new details all over, absolutely amazing

this oh so clean Camaro was also among the domestic beauties

I also had the chance to take Tanya Rouse the Cipher Auto model around the different booths and pose with some of the cars in the show, who wouldn’t jump all over that opportunity? The biggest problem we ran into was that once she got going people kept asking her to pose some more, and as you can see she did a great job!

The second day we hit the floor hard again trying to cover more ground, this really is a show that takes most of the week to cover, there is just so much to see! Obviously the FRS was a very popular car here.

now I’d heard that Vegas had some rough streets but this guy must’ve taken a hit from a serious pothole to lose half a wheel!

I stumbled onto this Cobra wrapped in white carbon fibre done by Vinyl Images & Design, great job

After checking out all the stuff inside I went back to the Cipher Auto booth where they were giving out t-shirts and resident beauty Tanya Rouse was still flashing pretty smiles, posing for pics and signing calendars for fans

then we saw UFC legend Matt Hughes and suddenly we became the fans begging for a pic

we then headed out to give the Cipher Auto sponsored cars some love. First up was the cleanest and meanest, the Cipher Auto Mustang owned by Jason, more pics of his car coming soon!

inside it’s just as clean, decked out with all the Cipher Auto goodies

Next was the Cipher Auto Camaro, this thing had a charcoal/brushed metal wrap that looked amazing, pics just didn’t do it justice.

there was also  the Cipher Auto 370Z, not too aggressive, not too mild, just right. Seeing these two beauties together was almost too much to bear.

Back inside to wrap up some long days of automobile insanity we came across a few more great rides. This wagon was as clean as it was long!

also saw Tony Starks ride..

Before heading out I stopped back at the Cipher Auto booth where the Andys Auto guys had come over to check out their favorite products and see for themselves how sturdy a seat Cipher Auto makes, strong frame & good looks, you can’t beat it.

Ok ok now the part everyone wants to see….the models!!

I have to give a shout out to our model Tanya Rouse for having such a great attitude the whole time, she was a great sport no matter what. Make sure you like her page on Facebook!

The Veilside booth had some hot cars and a model to match as well

Last but not least was Will Hayden and Joe Meaux from Red Jacket fire arms were there along with some foxy assistants

That does it for SEMA 2012, thanks again to Cipher Auto, had a great time with some great people and can’t wait for next year! Check out all our products at the website!


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