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Formula D Irwindale!!

For the final round of the Formula D Championship, rather than post pics of the drifting you no doubt already saw plastered all over the place we figured we’d share images of the rest of the scene at Irwindale. Even though the vendor/car show area seemed rather small compared to other events from the past there was still plenty to see and drool over in the automotive and female variety.

First off the line of cars to get into the parking lot was long and took forever to move a tiny bit, but I’ll admit that it’s always entertaining to check out the rides and see the people driving them. Once parked you get to swim through an ocean of automotive flavors, some clean, some extreme and others still a work in progress. That’s when I passed up this 240 and murdered out scoob with the nice mirror treatment.

Just like the scooby this 240 had some interesting details…

Once you finally get past the huge parking lot and near the entrance all you see is smoke, sweet heavenly smoke. They say smoking is bad for you lungs but you just can’t help but inhale and take it all in!

Once inside there’s a wide array of things for all forms of car lovers to enjoy, and all the vendors are there to attract future customers, Exedy had the right idea here.

There is everything from brakes..

tires (not for drifting)…

all kinds of gear..

and wheels of every kind and color!

Even though the wheels are pricey at least you can get some rubber to go on them for free! This dude made out like a bandit.

Onto the cars! A certain online group of….Hunters of Speed had a crazy amount of internal combustion goodness set up. Seriously, where else would you see a McLaren, an Aventador, a 911 packing some huge turbos and a rat rodded out Civic all huddled up like this?

oh and lets not forget that oh so nice Challenger sitting on SSRs

The Hoonigan fellas were packing serious heat as well which included an RWB 911..

..and a Ford owned by a Mr. Kenny from the Block

there were some awkward moments..

some fights broke out..

there were even a few casualties..

but mostly it was good times appreciating all corners of car culture from the vendors booths and the car show area as evidenced by this Eg, so clean both inside and out!

this 350z wasnt too shabby either

In the Hellaflush cars show area your junks got to be top notch, can’t just have the wheels, you gotta have the right pipes too

the miata was well represented

the exteriors weren’t the only areas with great details either, some great interiors were on show

even though there were some clean and creative interiors this one by the U.S. Airforce was the craziest one by far

after checking out all these things I remembered the reason I was there and started heading towards the track, as I got close I saw the light calling me closer

but at the last second I saw something even better, maybe even the real reason we all secretly go to car shows and have certain cars in the first place….THE CHICKS

some of these ladies were to die for, ask this guy


like all good things though this day had to come to an end and so I trudged back through the sea of cars and people in the parking lot and headed out

Thanks to Vargas Photography &



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