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All new McLaren!

Crazy as it may seem, given the significance of the brand during the past few years, McLaren Automotive had never exhibited at an international motor show before this year’s Paris extravaganza. And what better way to make a debut than by unveiling the long-awaited follow-up to the MP4-12C.

Inspired by the company’s motorsport division, the new P1 is McLaren’s attempt to produce ‘the world’s best driver’s car on the road and on the track’.

In terms of structure then, it’s so far so good. Like the rest of the Woking brood, the new P1 is mid-engined and structured around a carbon fibre monocoque chassis. The new lightweight MonoCage configuration – a safety cell concept incorporating the roof of the vehicle – is an advancement of the MonoCell design used in both the MP4-12C and the 12C Spider.

This being McLaren, biblical attention to detail has been paid to the P1’s development, with the supercar having undergone hours upon hours of wind tunnel testing. The Formula One fans among you may also be interested to know that the design has incorporated computational fluid dynamics (CFD), a system the Virgin F1 team used to create their first ever Grand Prix challenger in 2010.

All that combined makes for some pretty astonishing downforce figures. Producing 600kg of downforce – up to five times more than the sister 12C – means that the new P1 is closer in performance terms to the MP4-12C GT3 machine than its road going brethren. This is helped by the ground effects of the smooth underbody, which effectively suctions the car to the road surface.

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